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Tarpon fishing is the ultimate challenge for the elite sport fisherman. Key West offers some of the best Tarpon fishing to be found almost anywhere. In the winter months, sometimes as early as February, Tarpon begin showing in the deeper channels of the ships harbor.In the waters off Key West, youll routinely find Tarpon catches between 40 to 150 lbs. depending on the gear, bait and tackle youre using. It would not be unrealistic to expect a catch a tarpon weighing 100 lbs. or more. Key West Flats Fishing, Florida tarpon fishing florida key west

Key West Tarpon Fishing. For a highjumping, hardfighting train ride of a fishing experience, nothing beats the giant, Silver King. Tarpon are known for power and acrobatics when hooked, the tarpon is for some people the most exciting species to catch, hands down.

Key West Tarpon fishing charters will often supply both fly and spinning gear, so just check the amenities section of the listing when choosing your guide. Regulations Tarpon is a protected species in Florida that has been catch and release only since 2013. Fly fishing for tarpon in the Florida Keys and Key West is legendary and for good reason. Our clear waters and abundance of migratory fish make the Florida Keys one of the best places in the world to target these gamefish on the flats.tarpon fishing florida key west Key West Tarpon Fishing Guides And Charters. The key West Tarpon Fishing Report. Tarpon fishing in Key West is very diverse. Fish the flats, channels, backcountry and the Key West harbor for tarpon. Traditionally Key West tarpon season runs from February through to the fall with the heaviest migration in the months of May, June and into July.

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Tarpon Fishing Key West. When it comes to sport fishing, this is the ultimate fish and Key West is the ultimate place. These fish are awesome. Producing heart pounding acrobatics and gut wrenching runs, these fish fight back. Sight cast to these monstrous creatures in the shallow gin clear waters off Key West. tarpon fishing florida key west Fishing for Tarpon: The Florida Keys and the waters around Key West are world renowned for a huge population of big Tarpon, and Florida fishermen use a variety of methods to fish for Tarpon including live, dead, and artificial baits on spinning, conventional or fly rods. Tarpon fishing reports for Key West, Florida. Reports and forecasts for tarpon fishing in Key West. We are on the waters of Key West fishing every day. Read the reports and see how we are doing. Follow us on twitter for an up to the minute report on tarpon fishing in Key West. More About Tarpon fishing trips. Catch tarpon using light tackle spin fishing gear, stand up conventional tackle and fly fishing gear we have fishing guides that specialize in all of it. Flats fishing or backcountry fishing, the Key West harbor and the famous bridges of the Florida Keys for tarpon. . Florida Keys Tarpon fishing Seasons Key West flats fishing charters. See the unspoiled Great White Heron National preserve in the area north of the Florida Keys know locally as the back country. Fish the back country for tarpon, shark, barracuda, bonefish, permit, jacks, and trout.

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